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Water Heater Service

Water Heater Services in Brentwood, CA

Brentwood, California Water Heater Services 

If there is one appliance in your Brentwood home that you don’t want to be without – it’s your water heater. Do you know where your water heater is installed in your home? Most people don’t think anything about their water heater … until something goes wrong.

You and your family have thousands of things to get done each day, and at least 999 of them require hot water. Things like washing laundry, taking a shower, doing dishes – all of these tasks would not be possible without your water heater.

In addition to not having hot water, a malfunction in this most important appliance could include flooding in the room where it is installed. And, the water damage would be significant.

For all of these reasons, it is essential that you contact Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood for all of your water heater needs. Whether you would like to schedule a maintenance appointment to make sure your water heater is in top working order, or your water heater is showing signs of trouble – our expert plumbers have the training and the experience to get things back on track! 

Elements of a water heater

If you have a standard tank water heating system – which, most people do as it was the only option until about 20 years go – you have probably seen the giant tube standing vertically in the corner of your garage or, in your laundry room.

  • Inside of that tank is probably around 30-gallons of water. These tanks come in different sizes, but 30-gallons is about the standard for a family of five.
  • On the side of the tank is a thermostat that measures the temperature of the water inside. It is recommended by Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood (and, by the Department of Energy) that you keep your water heater thermostat set to 120 degrees. This has been found to be the most energy-efficient temperature.
  • The PRV, or pressure release valve, is near the top of the tank and is designed to release steam as the water inside is heated. This reduces the chances of the tank burst from the inside pressure of the steam
  • Heating source. If your water heater is powered by gas, then the heating source is fire. But, if it is powered by electricity, then the heating source is a heating coil. In both cases, the heat comes from the bottom of the tank, and heats the water in the tank until it reaches the temperature set by the thermostat.

With all of these elements, you can see how vulnerable your water heater is to malfunction. In fact, because it is the most used plumbing appliance in your home, it is the most likely to breakdown. The highly-skilled team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood knows water heaters inside and out.

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Typical Water Heater Malfunctions

Some of the more commons breakdowns that a water heater will suffer include:

  • Because the water heater tank is always expanding and contracting with the hot and cold temperature of the water inside, it can wear down and eventually the seams and joints will start to leak
  • No heat. If you have a gas water heater, the pilot light can go out. This is usually a benign issue but, if it keeps happening you should have it inspected. If your water heater is electric and not making hot water, you need to call us right away for inspection.
  • Bad thermostat. One of the most common problems with older water heaters is the thermostat goes out. This basically means that the thermostat stop registering the temperature of the water and you need an inspection appointment.

We are able to provide maintenance, installation, and repair services for all makes and models of water heaters. Typically, a water heater will come with a manufacturer’s warranty of six years. Some of them can be pushed to ten years of use. But, if your water heater is between six and ten years old, it is essential that you have regular maintenance checks to avoid a breakdown. So when your water heater starts acting up, Absolute Plumbing is the team to call for your water heater service needs in Brentwood!

  • Highly Professional!

    "Absolute Plumbing said they get there someone there before noon . Larry and Alex were right on time, friendly and highly professional. They got the job done quicker than I thought they would. They did double duty as miracle workers today."

    - Carol Y.
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    "Well, this was my first time using them. Coming from another plumber that we had used for a really long time."

    - Debra D.
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    "I have used Absolute Pluming several times, and every time I have called them they where very responsive thoroughly investigate the issue."

    - Gilbert B.
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    "Ryan from Absolute Plumbing Came out to do a second opinion on a sewer lateral on 11/262021 for my clients. The equipment he used was new and much easier to see and understand the situation we were dealing with."

    - Kathy E.
  • Very Professional!

    "Ryan came out and was very professional. He greeted us and then went right to work on the leak under my house. He fixed it in a quick and did a great job."

    - Judith M.

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