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Whether you are thinking ahead and need to schedule a maintenance appointment for your water heater or you have a clog in your kitchen sink and a house full of dinner guests – calling the experts at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito should be your first step.

We have proudly served El Cerrito and surrounding areas for years, and have earned a well-deserved reputation for being highly-professional and skilled. We have the training, experience, and equipment to address all residential and commercial plumbing needs.

In fact, we are so confident in our services that we guarantee all of our repair work for up to 24-months. This means that you can rest assured that when you contact Absolute Plumbing and Drain, you are calling a plumbing company that truly cares about you and your level of satisfaction.

We value relationships so, we make sure that a dedicated member of our team is available to answer the phone. You will never be greeted by an answering machine because we value you and your plumbing needs. From the very first call, we will listen. 

Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning

Most of us are thinking about turning the water on – starting the dishwasher, washing a load of laundry, taking a shower – all of these tasks require that clean and freshwater come out of the faucet. But, very few people really think about what happens to the water after we have used it.

In a commercial kitchen, having clean drains is essential to ensure compliance with the health department.

No matter if you have a clog in your commercial kitchen or you need drain cleaning maintenance in your home, Absolute Plumbing, and Drain of El Cerrito has the skills and the equipment to return your drains to top working condition.

Here are a few of the things being rinsed down your drains on a daily basis that will lead to clogs:

  • Shaving cream
  • Non-flushable paper products
  • Foreign objects
  • Starchy foods including noodles and potatoes
  • Fat drippings and grease

Properly maintaining your drains with drain cleaning services from Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito is a great way to avoid a clog or back-up of used water. Not only can our team clean your drains as a preventative maintenance measures, but we can clear out any clog or obstruction that has formed. Whether it is a drain in your home or your business, it is essential that all used water and manner of waste be able to wash through unobstructed.

Providing the Highest Standard Every Time

  • Top Products & Technology
  • Quality Work at Reasonable Rates
  • We are Diamond Certified

Hot Water Heaters

Whether you are in the market for a more energy-efficient option of water heater and would like to discuss tankless water heaters, give us a call! We are happy to answer any questions you have and can give you the information that you need to make a decision about whether a tankless water heater is right for you.

If you have a standard tank hot water heater, then you have a reservoir of water constantly being heated and available so, it comes out when you turn the faucet on. Because of this around the clockwork, your hot water heater is highly susceptible to wear and tear.

  • Regardless of where you get your water from, there is a certain mineral content in all water because it comes from the ground. When the water that comes into your water heater tank gets heated up, the minerals deposit on the bottom of the water heater tank in the form of a layer of sediment. With time, this layer of sediment gets thicker until it eventually begins to act as a buffer between your water heater heating element and the water that is in the tank. This means that the water heater must work twice as hard to heat up the water in the tank.
  • The thermostat on your water heater is best set at 120 degrees. But, if the thermostat is not working correctly, the temperature could be set to who knows what. When the thermostat of your hot water heater has gone out, it can have a big impact on the energy-efficiency of your water heater.

No matter what your hot water heater needs are, the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito can help. We have the knowledge and the experience to help address the installation, repair, and maintenance of all makes and models of a water heater.

Sewer Line Cleaning And Replacement

If your sewer system is showing signs of any kind of malfunction or breakdown – it is most definitely an emergency and you should call the office of Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito right away. 

Some common sewer line problems include:

  • Tree roots have grown into your sewer lines looking for water and organic materials for sustenance
  • Your sewer line pipes or fittings have shifted due to a shift in the ground they are buried in

We have been working with sewer line repair and sewer line cleaning for years, and we know all of the different complications that can arise. In fact, we know all of the municipal and environmental regulations and what must be done to stay in compliance.

No matter what your residential or commercial plumbing needs are the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito has the training, experience, and tools to get the job done right the first time. We can handle all manner of plumbing and drain needs and we have the years of experience and training necessary to get your plumbing job done right the first time! call us today at (925) 369-3067 or fill out the online form.

  • Highly Professional!

    "Absolute Plumbing said they get there someone there before noon . Larry and Alex were right on time, friendly and highly professional. They got the job done quicker than I thought they would. They did double duty as miracle workers today."

    - Carol Y.
  • So Responsive!

    "Well, this was my first time using them. Coming from another plumber that we had used for a really long time."

    - Debra D.
  • Exceptional Service!

    "I have used Absolute Pluming several times, and every time I have called them they where very responsive thoroughly investigate the issue."

    - Gilbert B.
  • Definitely Recommend!

    "Ryan from Absolute Plumbing Came out to do a second opinion on a sewer lateral on 11/262021 for my clients. The equipment he used was new and much easier to see and understand the situation we were dealing with."

    - Kathy E.
  • Very Professional!

    "Ryan came out and was very professional. He greeted us and then went right to work on the leak under my house. He fixed it in a quick and did a great job."

    - Judith M.

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