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Trenchless Sewer Services

Trenchless Services in Concord, CA, and Nearby Areas

When it comes to trenchless services in the local area, reach out to Absolute Plumbing and Drain. We offer many different types of trenchless pipe repair and pipe lining services for drain and sewer lines. Once you determine there could be a problem with your plumbing system, particularly your sewer pipes, rest assured that a plumber from our team can be relied upon to get the job done.

A Range of Minimally Invasive Solutions

Here at Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we offer all the trenchless pipe lining and pipe replacement services you need for your drain and sewer lines. For everything trenchless, we are well-versed in it and provide the solutions you need at reasonable rates. 

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair in Concord, CA is a popular option for most homeowners and businesses these days because it is less costly and less damaging than traditional pipe replacements and repairs. This is because there is little to no digging or cutting in order to repair the drain and sewer lines.

 This means that large trenches are not dug into the ground, fewer interior finishes are removed and less drywall is cut out in order to repair the pipes. This results in fewer man-hours to make the repairs and less of a need to hire additional contractors, like drywallers and landscapers.

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Understanding Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair in Concord, CA, and nearby areas, along with replacement, involves inserting a pipe liner into the existing pipe. Pipe liners are typically manufactured from fiberglass or felt. They are cut to the length of the section of pipe to be lined then soaked in two-part epoxy. Once the liner has been properly prepared, it is inserted into the host pipe, pressed against the interior walls of the host pipe, and left to cure for anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours. The biggest benefit to this method is that it only required a small hole to be cut or dug into the ground in order to connect the pipe lining equipment. Once the pipe liner has fully cured, the line pipe is reconnected to the system, and service is restored.

Sewer Pipe Bursting

Sewer pipe bursting is the process of installing a new sewer pipe by bursting the old pipe out of the way. This method involves the use of a bursting head, which is attached to the front of the new sewer pipe. The bursting head is then inserted against the opening of the old sewer pipe and pulled through. As the bursting head is pulled forward, it shatters the existing pipe and pushes the pieces out of the way. Once the new pipe is in place, it is connected to the system, and service to the system is restored. Trenchless Pipe Bursting makes for a cost-effective trenchless sewer replacement in Concord, CA, and neighboring areas

We also provide potholing and hydro excavation. The former is a required method that lets us obtain visual confirmation of utilities and underground obstructions. This involves digging a small hole along the path of underground construction. This allows us to make sure that there will be no conflict or interference on the project. Our team also uses hydro vacuum excavators, which are self-contained units that use pressurized water to displace soil. This is then removed through a large hose by using suction.

We can also recommend point repair and spot repair when it comes to repairing a damaged section, especially those involving sewer lines that connect to the main street sewer. Point repair is an ideal solution to root intrusion, corrosion, or other problems.

This and other kinds of trenchless pipe replacement are available from Absolute Plumbing and Drain. We provide trenchless services in:

Our trenchless services in Concord, CA, and surrounding areas include: 

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When you need plumbing services that are trenchless, you can count on our diamond certified, fully licensed, and bonded plumbers to get the job completed correctly the first time. 

To find out more about trenchless pipe lining in Concord, CA, and the surrounding areas, dial (925) 369-3067 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. Our team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain looks forward to serving you. 

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