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Drain Repair

Drain Repair in Concord, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Partially blocked drains are minor annoyances, but when left alone can turn into a full-blown plumbing emergency. As such, it’s best to take immediate action the moment you see pools of water forming in the sink, the bathtub or the shower, gurgling noises, and lack of water pressure, among others. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we offer the latest innovation in drain-cleaning processes to deliver maximum efficiency and savings to our customers. Our professional technicians can carry out a sewer camera inspection and repair clogged drains before they do more damage.

Absolute Plumbing and Drain strives to be your preferred drain repair specialists in Concord, CA. We are proud to offer our outstanding services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Why Should I Hire A Professional Plumber To Fix My Clogged Drain?

At the first sign of a clogged drain, most homeowners resort to a DIY method. Unfortunately, this could create more problems than it solves. Store-bought chemicals are advertised to quickly get your drains up to speed, but little do homeowners know that the chemicals rapidly advance corrosion and cause irreversible damage when used regularly. The harsh, often toxic substances can prove to be harmful not just for your pipes but to you and your family as well. Soon, your plumbing will have a rupture which will require professional assistance.

At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, our technicians have the knowledge, skill, and tools to get your pipes back up and running in the soonest possible time. We also do an inspection to check the status of your sewer lines. The latest HD cameras and equipment can get to any point in your sewer system to see if there are serious clogs and blockages in your lines. Once found, we formulate the best course of action to extend the life of your pipes and get you back on life’s track.

Contact our experienced team today at (925) 369-3067 to get started. 

Let Our Team Help Your Home & Business

Keep Drains Clean In Your Home Or Business

Get professional technicians who can quickly address your drain concerns and get you back on life’s track in the soonest possible time. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we offer cost-effective solutions that only take a few hours to complete. Our trenchless repairs ensure years of continued use without serious sewer problems. 

Providing the Highest Standard Every Time

  • Top Products & Technology
    At Absolute Plumbing and Drain we make sure our team is not only knowledgeable and up to date with new techniques but ensure we have the newest products and technology.
  • Quality Work at Reasonable Rates
    With over two decades of experience, we ensure quality results. We take pride in delivering quality solutions at a competitive price, always!
  • We are Diamond Certified

    Founded in 1990, Diamond Certified serves to highlight select and limited top local companies for customers, homeowners, and business owners in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas.

Safe And Efficient Drain Cleaning And Repair Methods

Our comprehensive inspection services cover all aspects. Our technicians will get your ailing drain pipes working again and address any and all underlying issues. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, hydro jetting is our go-to process for cleaning out and repairing drain pipes. Hydro jetting is the best method in clearing out the debris and stuck matter that’s causing problems for your sewer lines. It uses high-pressure water to dislodge and disintegrate particles, including grease, detergent, calcified matter, soap, hair, and other items. Afterward, your pipes will be free of clogs and restored to its original diameter. Water pressure will be better and you won’t have to deal with recurring clogs and backups for a long time.

We can also provide you with the solutions you need when it comes to your French drains. As these make sure that groundwater or surface water does not interfere with the foundation of your home or building, our team is exactly what you need to address any issue that may prevent them from serving as an effective and easy channel for water to flow through. 

During the inspection process, our technicians will mark areas that may need trenchless sewer repairs. When your pipes are cracked, damaged over time, bellied, or invaded by tree roots, we recommend a pipe within the old pipe procedure without ever digging a single trench. You’ll have a rehabilitated pipe that performs better than ever and has a lifespan of 50 years or more.

Call our team of knowledgeable and friendly drain repair experts today to learn more or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

Real People. Real Reviews

    “Awesome Business!”
    “You get what you pay for.....Absolute Plumbing has been the best plumber that my wife and I have used in the past 20 years. They came out to my mother-in-laws house and unplugged a clogged drain in Alamo.”
    - Steve E.
    “Very Professional!”
    “Ryan came out and was very professional. He greeted us and then went right to work on the leak under my house. He fixed it in a quick and did a great job.”
    - Judith M.
    “Above & Beyond!”
    “Have used them twice for this service, both times well worth it and great service.”
    - Dan K.
    “Very Polite!”
    “The gentleman who came out was very polite and knew what he was doing.”
    - Sally K.
    “So Responsive!”
    “Well, this was my first time using them. Coming from another plumber that we had used for a really long time.”
    - Debra D.
    “5 Star Service!”
    “Reid came out and was very professional and explained what was going on with my clogged toilet and drain.”
    - Maryann M.
    “Extremely Pleasant!”
    “We called because both of our toilets backed up. It was a Sunday night, I have a 3 year old and I'm 7 months pregnant so we were pretty desperate to get someone out here.”
    - Tannaz A.
    “Exceptional Service!”
    “I have used Absolute Pluming several times, and every time I have called them they where very responsive thoroughly investigate the issue.”
    - Gilbert B.