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We are Diamond Certified!
Hercules CA

Reliable and Professional Plumber in Hercules, CA

Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules is committed to making sure all of our clients only have to think about their plumbing system as far as turning the water on and off.

The activities in your home or business need your attention far more than your plumbing system does. So, why not let the professionally-trained and highly-skilled team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules worry about the ins and outs of your drains, water heater, sewer lines, and all other plumbing fixtures and accessories?

When one of our professional and reliable team members comes to your Alamo home or business, you can be sure you will receive courteous and thorough service. In fact, we are so sure that your commercial or residential plumbing service will be top-notch that we guarantee our repair work.

Each member of our team is proud to serve the home and business owners of Hercules. We are an owner-operated business and we consider each of our clients a neighbor. Our reputation is very important to us so, we work hard to maintain the skills, training, and equipment to continuously provide our clients with the latest and most effective plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation services.

You can rest assured that you will always receive highly-skilled and trained service from Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules. We are so committed to connecting with our clients and building long-lasting relationships that from the very first phone call you make – day or night – you will be greeted by a live member of our team and never a recording. 

Hercules Drain Cleaning Service

While a commercial plumbing system is far more complex and home plumbing system does have its intricacies and both have several drains. And, all drains in both your commercial and residential plumbing systems can become clogged.

Since all of the drains in your residential and commercial plumbing system are at risk of becoming clogged, it is important to be thoughtful of what you are putting down them.

Never put these items in your drains:

  • Foreign objects
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton balls
  • Cleansing towelettes
  • Coffee grounds
  • Vegetable peelings

The best way to avoid clogs is regular maintenance and having your drains regularly cleaned. That is where Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules comes in! Not only can we unclog an already clogged drain but we provide thorough drain cleaning services using the latest and most effective equipment. Drain cleaning is an important part of keeping your commercial and residential plumbing drains well-maintained so that clogs are less likely to happen.

Providing the Highest Standard Every Time

  • Top Products & Technology
    At Absolute Plumbing and Drain we make sure our team is not only knowledgeable and up to date with new techniques but ensure we have the newest products and technology.
  • Quality Work at Reasonable Rates
    With over two decades of experience, we ensure quality results. We take pride in delivering quality solutions at a competitive price, always!
  • We are Diamond Certified

    Founded in 1990, Diamond Certified serves to highlight select and limited top local companies for customers, homeowners, and business owners in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas.

Need Water Heater Service?

In your commercial kitchen, having hot water is essential to staying compliant with health code regulations. In fact, there is even a specific temperature that the water needs to be heated up in order to kill all bacteria and properly sanitize the dishes.

In your residential bathroom, getting the kids ready for bed likely includes a nice warm and relaxing bath – which, calms them down so they will easily rest before falling asleep. In both of these scenarios, not having hot water is a complete disaster.

Thankfully, the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules knows all about water heaters. Whether your water heater is malfunctioning and refusing to provide you with the all-important hot water or you have noticed a spike in your power bill and you want your water heater serviced – our team can handle it all!

Some of the signs that your water heater is having trouble are:

  • Water is coming out not hot enough or too hot
  • Water is coming out rust-colored or has an odor
  • Water is coming out cold without any warmth at all

We install, repair, and maintain both standard tank hot water heaters as well as the new, and more energy-efficient, tankless water heating systems. You can count on the highly-trained team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules to arrive at your home or business on-time and with the skills and most applicable equipment to provide you outstanding service.

Sewer Lines

The sewer line of your home or office can escalate to a very dangerous situation if it is not properly maintained. In fact, if your sewer line cracks or begins leaking, you could have a serious environmental problem that will cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs and fines.

Not to mention the mess that it will make in your yard. Imagine having a barbeque planned and inviting friends over only to have your sewer line burst and flood your backyard with raw sewage. Not a good situation.

At Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules, we are highly trained to deal with sewer lines. We have the skills and the equipment to provide you with sewer line cleaning, repair, installation, and replacement. Any sewer lines need that you have, our team can provide you with the perfect solution!

Any time of day or night that you contact Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules, you will be warmly greeted by a live member of our team. We value building long-lasting relationships with our clients and we start that relationship-building from the very first phone call – you will never talk to a machine or answering service.

Technology and environmental concerns are changing the plumbing industry all the time. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Hercules, it is important to us that be able to provide you with the latest in industry trends and technology so that your plumbing system is as energy and water-efficient as possible.

We are committed to making sure that you are 100% satisfied with our service and customer care. Call us today at (925) 369-3067 or fill out the online form

Real People. Real Reviews

    “Exceptional Service!”
    “I have used Absolute Pluming several times, and every time I have called them they where very responsive thoroughly investigate the issue.”
    - Gilbert B.
    “Awesome Business!”
    “You get what you pay for.....Absolute Plumbing has been the best plumber that my wife and I have used in the past 20 years. They came out to my mother-in-laws house and unplugged a clogged drain in Alamo.”
    - Steve E.
    “Above & Beyond!”
    “Have used them twice for this service, both times well worth it and great service.”
    - Dan K.
    “Very Professional!”
    “Alex and Juan came late in the day diagnosed the issue and fixed it all in about 30min. Both gentlemen were very professional but also personable.”
    - Mike G.
    “Absolutely Perfect At Their Service!”
    “I have had a great disaster with my plumbing thru my restroom  and I  was so scared  my collection of thousands of rugs  to distribute bad odors.”
    - Esref T.
    “Amazing Service!”
    “First time ordering a sewer video for a home we're purchasing. Prices were straightforward.”
    - Elizabeth D.
    “Very Polite!”
    “The gentleman who came out was very polite and knew what he was doing.”
    - Sally K.
    “Amazing Business!”
    “Oleg and John came to fix a leaking from my toilet to downstairs unit. They immediately identified the problems and explained to me in a way that I could easily understand.”
    - Kevin M.