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Tree Root Invasion

How to Deal With Tree Root Invasion in Concord, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Tree roots can invade your sewer pipes and cause various problems within your pipes, including regular stoppages, blockage, loss of pressure, and gurgling sounds in your toilet and kitchen sink. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we offer a no-dig solution called trenchless technology, which eliminates the hassles of traditional pipe repair and none of the disruption that comes with it.

Unlike traditional plumbers, we won’t dig up your lawn, yard, or landscape, nor need to tear down your walls or flooring to get your plumbing repaired. Our newest method repair involves zero diggings; in fact, we only require an existing access point in order to inspect, diagnose, and come up with the best course of action for your sewer line problems. 

How Camera Line Inspection can find Clogs and Blockages

At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, our technicians utilize the latest equipment to pinpoint the source of the tree root invasion. Our fiber optic camera sends real-time images to a monitor located above ground, allowing us to see the insides of your pipes. As the camera weaves through your pipeline it will tell us the age of your pipe in addition to the exact location of where your tree roots have invaded.

Certain pipe materials are vulnerable to tree root invasion. In clay pipes, tiny roots can enter through the smallest cracks and grow big enough to crack the material. The leakage can form groundwater and loosen soil, creating sinkholes or depressions in the yard or garden. Cast iron pipes are strong but they are more prone to corrosion. The metal gets weak and from there, the roots take over and cause backups and loss of pressure. 

PVC and ABS sewer pipe materials can be found in newer properties, and they offer greater protection against common pipe problems such as calcification, blockages, and root intrusion. But once they start to break, crack or form holes nearby roots can start invading and choke the pipe diameter. Eventually, your pipes suffer from clogs and the roots build up a huge pressure which can break the pipes open.

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Place Your Trust In Our Professional Approach

Our capable technicians use the same access point in order to conduct the trenchless repair if necessary. First, we use the hydro jetting procedure to scour the inner walls of your plumbing clear of dirt, soil, and debris, flushing them out to the nearest municipal treatment system. Then, we measure the right-sized liner, coat it with special epoxy resin and place it inside the ailing pipe section. The liner is inflated and the resin sticks to the inner walls, forming a new pipe within the old one. After a few hours, the resin forms a solid pipe; the seamless, jointless nature eliminates any possibility for root intrusion. Everything is done in just a few hours.

Providing the Highest Standard Every Time

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Preventing Tree Root Invasion

Homeowners and business owners in the Bay Area can take the necessary steps to prevent root intrusion by knowing where to plant trees, shrubs, and thriving plants. Thoughtful tree landscaping is key to encouraging growth while keeping your shrubs away from your plumbing.

Let Our Team Assist You with all of Your Plumbing Needs

Ask our professional technicians about camera inspection services and trenchless technology. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we can rehabilitate your pipe and bring it to good working order in just a few hours. Moreover, we won’t have to dig up a single trench in order to repair your sewer lines today. 

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