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Controlling Washer Noise and Vibration

Simple washer maintenance

washing machine filterDoes your washer wobble excessively when spinning?  The cause may be an unevenly distributed load, often a large item that has wadded up to one side.  Just stop the washer and redistribute the clothes for better balance.

Ordinary washer vibration can cause a machine to move and become unlevel and noisy.  Periodically stop the water while the machine is filling and see if the water is even with a row of holes around the tub diameter.  You can level most washers as you do refrigerators.

If a washer that is level produces excess vibration and noise, open the top of the washer and check the snubber assembly, a device that absorbs vibration.  Look for a loose or broken spring. Clean and lightly sand the friction pad if the snubber sticks to the pad’s surface.  If necessary, replace the pad.

CAUTION: Unplug your washer before attempting to make any repair.

Disconnect hoses if you have to move the washer.

To open the top on most washers, cover a putty knife blade with masking tape and slide it into the joint between the top and the cabinet about 2 12 – inches in from the edge.  Then push to release a clip.  Repeat at the other corner and raise the hinged top.  When opening the top of a washer, be sure to release any hoses that are attached to the top.

When replacing a washer’s drain hose, you will find it easier to put on the new hose if you replace the spring hose clamps with worm-drive hose clams.  Just be careful not to overtighten the new clamp.

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