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Blogs from June, 2021

Simple Plumbing Tools: Spud Wrench



Special plumbing tools:  Spud Wrench 

Tightening and loosening a basket strainer’s locknut is difficult because the nut is large and hard to reach.  A pair of groove-joint pliers does the trick but may be cumbersome.  A spud wrench or a special basket-strainer wrench makes the job easier.  If the nut is very tight, place the tip of a screwdriver against one of its lugs and tap with a hammer until it loosen.

Most times when you find water is leaking under the sink, the basket strainer may not be tightly sealed.  To test, close the stopper, fill the sink with water, and inspect from underneath with a flashlight and a dry rag.

Plumbing Tip of the Week

Tip #1  If the strainer leaks try tightening the locknut.

Tip #2  If that doesn’t solve the problem, remove the strainer.

Tip #3  Either clean the drain hole and reinstall the strainer or install a new strainer.

Tip #4  A strainer made of thin metal or plastic may soon fail to seal water.  A better-quality strainer costs more but will last longer.  Installation is the same for all kinds of sinks:  stainless steel, cast iron, or acrylic.

Plumber Pro Tip:  A basin wrench makes tightening nuts on faucets easy.  It is designed to work in cramped quarters.  One jaw is fixed while the other swings freely.  The fixed jaw is pinned to the handle so it can swing 180◦.