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Blogs from June, 2021

How Simple Is A Leaking Kitchen Sink To Repair?


Kitchen plumbing tips

If water is leaking under the sink, the basket strainer may not be tightly sealed.  According to the plumbing of northern California experts, a leaking kitchen sink should be tested in the following manner:  to test close the stopper, fill the sink with water, and inspect from underneath with a flashlight and a dry rag.

Simple Plumbing Tips To Share

  • Tip #1  If the strainer leaks try tightening the locknut using groove-joint pliers or a spud wrench.
  • Tip #2  If that doesn’t solve the problem, remove the strainer.
  • Tip #3  Either clean the drain hole and reinstall the strainer or install a new strainer.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRET:  A strainer made of thin metal or plastic may soon fail to seal water.  A better-quality strainer costs more but will last longer.  Installation is the same for all kinds of sinks:  stainless steel, cast iron, or acrylic.

Garbage disposer leaks

If water leaks from above the disposer (that is, at the point where the disposer attaches to the sink), tighten the mounting ring screws and consider these plumbing tips:

  • Tip #1  If that doesn’t solve the problem remove the disposer;
  • Tip #2  Disconnect the flange and inspect for damage;
  • Tip #3  Clean the hole around the sink, and install a new rope of putty;
  • Tip #4  If water leaks from the connection where the drain connects to the disposer, tighten the two screws on the drain adapter;
  • Tip #5   You may need to replace the rubber gasket inside.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:  If water seeps from the disposer housing, replace the disposer.  This is one plumbing repair that even the most skilled northern California plumbers do not readily attempt.

If you found this tip to be helpful for your residential homeowner plumbing repairs, please consider sharing with your friends!