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Blogs from March, 2021

How Old Sewer Lines Benefit from Our Corrosion Control Service


The sewer line is one of the significant components that can affect your entire plumbing system. Many sewer lines in the areas we serve are made of outdated material such as galvanized steel and cast iron. However, most homeowners pay little attention to their drainage systems, putting their sewer line in danger of corrosion that can cause leaks and breaks. They end up needing emergency plumbing services.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to put up with such issues with your sewer line if you enlist plumbing repairs from professionals regularly. Absolute Plumbing and Drain outlines how your old sewer lines can benefit from corrosion control services. 

Detect Corrosion Early

Corrosion control service from our plumbing company help you to identify whether corrosion has already occurred or is likely to occur within your sewer system. As a result, you quickly plan the right course of action to prevent future damage. We recommend corrosion control when it comes to sewer lines that are older than 10 years. 

Improve Sewer Line Life and Prevent Leaks

By enlisting our plumbing services regularly, you can prevent your sewer lines from developing leaks in the first place. This prevention extends the service life of your existing sewer line, so you don’t have to incur other costs to replace all or some of your existing sewer pipes in your old home.

Prevent Clogs

When rust accumulates inside the sewer pipes, it collects impurities in the water, causing a build-up in your pipes that obstructs water flow. However, our corrosion control service helps you prevent this build-up from occurring, allowing your sewer system to function efficiently.

Be sure to consult a plumber in Concord, CA, from Absolute Plumbing and Drain right away.

We provide corrosion control to scale buildup, which can be due to a lack of maintenance. Once the corrosion sets in, a 4-inch diameter pipe can later end up becoming a 2.5-inch diameter pipe. Our team specializes in hydro jetting and descaling to restore the pipe and keep corrosion under control. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.