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Blogs from September, 2021

Why Choose Trenchless Services Over Excavation


Your slow drains or leaking pipes have given you the knowledge that you are in for some plumbing repairs in the near future. However, you may not know what options you have. It used to be that if someone needed to access your water or sewer pipe, excavation with heavy machinery was your only option. Thankfully, modern plumbing technology has allowed us to repair your Bay Area pipes without the need for excavating.

What are Trenchless Plumbing Services?

Instead of having big machines come out and dig up your California property, we now have the option of trenchless plumbing services. This means that we can access the pipes on your property from a small access hole. We no longer need to drill that trench to access the pipes. We can clean out your pipes, replace broken pipes, and even put a new lining into your pipes, all from that tiny hole we drill.

Can Trenchless Services Help Keep Your East Bay Property In Tact?

With the ability to access your pipes from a small hole near the access point of your pipes, we do not need to dig a big, long trench in your yard. We can leave your flower beds where they are, leave your parking area undisturbed, and not have to relocate the stone path you recently put in. The services you get with trenchless options are just as good as the excavated services, if not better. There are occasional times where you may still need to have an excavation done, but with the advances in technology we have today, those times are coming up less often.

Absolute Plumbing and Drain Can Help with Trenchless Services

When you need to call in a professional Orinda plumbing company, you need to call in Absolute Plumbing and Drain. We will come out to your East Bay property and see what is going on for ourselves. We will then provide you with a diagnosis of the problem and the best solution to fix it. We can help with any plumbing issue you may face, from a leaking faucet to a full sewer line replacement. Call us today to schedule our visit.