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Blogs from January, 2022

Is Your Sewer Line Leaking?

plumber repairing sewer pipe outdoors

A leaking sewer line can leave your home with costly damage. However, it is not easy to detect early on. It helps to know what red flags imply that there’s something wrong with your sewer line before they turn into bigger problems. Absolute Plumbing and Drain share some signs it’s time to contact us for trenchless pipe repair in Danville, CA.

Foul Odor

An unpleasant odor coming from your drains or yard where you have sewer pipes buried could be due to a sewer leak. Sewer gas is typically made up of hydrogen sulfide and methane, which can pose health risks to your household. Don’t let this problem sit for too long and reach out to us for trenchless pipe lining, so we can stop the leak as soon as possible.


A leaking sewer line can also make your walls and floors damp, creating a thriving environment for mold. If you notice mold growing in areas where you have a running sewer line, seek professional help right away. We will perform a comprehensive inspection to identify the exact location of the leak and see if trenchless sewer repair is an appropriate option.

Lush Patches of Grass

A leak from your sewer line may cause your lawn to look abnormally green. That is because sewage acts as a fertilizer and nourishes the grass. You may also notice soggy patches throughout your yard. These signs may indicate that you need a trenchless pipe replacement soon.

If you suspect your sewer line is leaking, get in touch with Absolute Plumbing and Drain immediately. We’ll arrive promptly at your home, assess the condition of your sewer lines, and determine if trenchless sewer replacement or repair will restore the system to a better condition than it was before.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. You may also schedule an appointment.