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Blogs from April, 2021

Installing a Bathroom Sink Drain Body


Bathroom faucet maintenance

A bathroom sink typically has three holes.  The faucet usually comes with a pop-up stopper assembly.  According to the plumbing of Concord experts, to install a sink drain body, first, loosen the slip nut to disconnect the drain body from the trap.  Remove the locknut under the sink and slide out the old drain body.

Clean away any caked-on putty and place a new rope of putty around the hole.  Slip the new drain flange through the hole, and press it into place.  Twist the locknut onto the drain body and slip on the friction washer and the rubber gasket.  Hold the flange with one hand while you hand-screw the drain body into it.  Tighten the locknut with groove-joint pliers, making sure the drain body faces rear.

Install the pivot rod and install the clevis strap.  Apply pipe-thread tape to the threaded end of the tailpiece and screw it onto the drain body.  You may now install the trap.