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Blogs from April, 2021

Issues That Point Repair Can Address


As a leader in all things trenchless in Concord, CA, Absolute Plumbing and Drain takes pride in giving customers options when sewer or drain lines need repairs. One minimally disruptive solution we offer is a more location-specific type of pipe lining known as point repair. Below, we go over the issues point can address.

Localized Structural Flaws

We often recommend this approach to trenchless pipe repair if structural damage is limited to one area. Issues of this nature might involve localized damage from shifts in the soil or surface construction. Point repair may also be effective if a small section of pipe is missing.

Isolated Tree Root Damage

Tree root damage is a common reason to need trenchless sewer repair. While tree roots can cause widespread damage to sewer or drain lines over time, there are times when the problem may be limited to one area. Should this be the case, point repair will likely be an appropriate method.

Pipe Joint Issues

The modified version of trenchless pipe lining that is point repair may also be recommended if the damage is limited to areas around a pipe joint. This can happen since connecting joints are more susceptible to corrosion and wear than more solid sections of the pipe. With a situation like this, a new internal coating can be directly applied to the affected area around the joint to make the repair process even more efficient without sacrificing quality.

Get Results You Deserve Today

Absolute Plumbing and Drain will determine the extent of the issue with your pipes and recommend a solution that is as efficient and affordable as possible. Whether point repair is suitable for your needs or trenchless pipe replacement is worth considering, count on us to deliver the results you expect and deserve.

Contact our local team today to learn more about point repair, trenchless sewer replacement, and other excavation alternatives we offer. You may also schedule an appointment.