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Blogs from August, 2021

Top Two Water-Efficient Fixtures for Your Concord, CA, Home


While state and federal officials have confirmed that the 2011-2017 drought is over, the state of California is still recovering from its driest period in history. Many homeowners in Concord and across the state are concerned about water conservation, and one of the most effective methods of preserving water is installing efficient, state-of-the-art water fixtures in a home or business.

With the capacity to decrease the amount of water dispensed, water-efficient fixtures prevent excess water use while still fulfilling the same purpose and providing the same level of comfort as standard water fixtures do. If you are a homeowner in the Concord area who wants to be a part of the statewide water conservation effort, read about the top two water-efficient fixtures to learn how they can help homeowners cut energy costs and help preserve the energy the state uses to process water at the same time.

New Sink Faucets

The usual flow of water from a standard faucet is 2 gallons per minute (GPM), so it isn’t surprising that many people unthinkingly waste water while brushing their teeth. But with the installation of new faucets, the rate of water flow per minute can decrease to 1.5 GPMs or less, while providing the same effect. When looking at new sink faucets, be sure to check for information about the GPM to determine the efficiency of the product. You may also want to check for an Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense label, which lets you know the product satisfies the EPA’s standards for water efficiency.

New Shower Heads

Similar to standard sink faucets, typical shower heads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Many homeowners attempt to save water by reducing the duration of their daily showers or opting to skip showering on less active days. If you can’t make those sacrifices, purchasing a water-efficient shower head is another means of preserving water. To satisfy the EPA’s requirements, a shower head’s GPM must be 2.0 or lower. The best quality shower heads emulate the water pressure and flow of a typical shower head, so users don’t have to sacrifice comfort to preserve water.