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Blogs from July, 2021

Tender Loving Care for Family Toilet Plungers


Plunging clogged toilets 

When flushing the toilet and the bowl fills up but won’t drain, then the toilet is clogged.  If the bowl is full to the brim, bail out half of it in order to prevent splashing while you work to unclog the toilet.

As silly as it sounds, proper care of a plunger will ensure that if you need to use it, it won’t be brittle and un-effective.  Put petroleum jelly on the lip of the plunger after use, and thoroughly clean the plunger with hot soapy water and bleach before storing it away until the next emergency.  A plunger could potentially last a family an entire lifetime.

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

#1  Place the cone of the plunger securely over the bowl’s drain hole and pump the plunger up and down vigorously about a dozen times.

Tip #2  If this doesn’t dislodge the obstruction, wait for about an hour and give it another try.

Tip #3  Sometimes gravity alone will take the water away.  It will give time for any solid contents in the bowl to dissolve and begin to break apart.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS: If plunging fails, aim the bent end of a closet (toilet) auger into the drain hole and crank the handle clockwise to feed its snake into the hole until it meets the obstruction.  If neither method works, the problem may be in the main drain and a northern California plumbing specialist should be called.