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Blogs from July, 2021

Three Trending Plumbing Innovations Perfect for Your Concord, CA, Home


As the world continues to evolve technologically, many systems in our homes are becoming more effective, and plumbing systems are no exception. The latest technologies have resulted in many innovative and effective plumbing tools to help conserve energy at home in the Bay Area. If you are planning to remodel, sell, or build a new home in Concord in the near future or if you just want to broaden your knowledge of the modern plumbing advancements made thus far, check out our list of this year’s plumbing trends and innovations.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Conventional hot water heaters take up a large amount of room. Conventional styles also have hazards and problems associated with their use, such as running out of hot water and causing burns due to the overly heated surface of the tank. New tankless hot water heaters, otherwise known as on-demand water heaters, function by heating water instantly when needed, so there is no reason to have a big tank to store hot water for your home. In addition, water inside tankless hot water heaters does not need to heat, providing you with the convenience of never having to wait for warm water again.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is becoming the preferred method of resolving major clogs in piping systems. Unlike traditional drain snakes, hydro jetting uses a profoundly strong jet of water to destroy a clog in the pipes, which can clear serious blockages within a matter of minutes. Hydro jetting is also far safer than other means of unclogging piping systems, because it does not necessitate the use of potent, hazardous chemicals, or metal equipment with the capacity to harm older styles of pipes.

Green Plumbing

Eco-friendly plumbing systems are great ways to help conserve water and energy in your home, which not only helps the environment, but it helps homeowners save money at the same time. Composting toilets, rainwater acquisition systems, and low-flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads are all effective tools to increase the energy efficiency of your Concord CA home and be a part of the statewide effort to preserve our natural resources.