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Blogs from May, 2021

Pipe Bursting: The What, How, and Why


Pipe bursting is one of the most viable options for homeowners who are troubled with damaged sewer lines. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, we believe in empowering our clients to help them choose the wisest course of action.

Let us tell you about the what, how, and why of trenchless pipe repair.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is the intentional breaking of overly damaged sewer systems using trenchless techniques to make ample room for replacement pipes. Trenchless sewer repair is more effective than conventional methods that employ the digging and subsequent replacement of sewer lines. Since pipe bursting uses mechanically applied force and bursting heads, it does not involve collateral damage or leave behind a mess.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

A high-quality bursting head is to a replacement conduit and fed through an entry hole into the deteriorated sewer line. The bursting head is then pointed on one end and it breaks the existing damaged line as it travels through the system. The equipment used for trenchless pipe replacement is larger than the existing pipe’s diameter to ensure its efficacy.

After this, the existing pipe is broken and dislodged from its original position as the replacement pipe is seamlessly laid in place. The new drain then fills the void left behind by the bursting head. Given an error-free installation, trenchless sewer replacement is considered to be one of the most innovative and effective procedures in pipe work.

Why Should You Choose Pipe Bursting?

The fact that there’s no need to excavate the soil to reach the damaged pipe makes pipe bursting an appealing prospect. Of course, there’s the fact that it saves you money and time. The trenchless approach results in an increased flow of wastewater because it allows for the installation of a much larger drain. Since modern pipes are used to replace the old, damaged ones, you get improved quality and durability for your sewer line.

To benefit from trenchless in Walnut Creek, CA, trust only Absolute Plumbing and Drain. We are the team you can count on to address your damaged sewer line. Get minimally invasive services today by calling us or filling out our contact form.