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Blogs from May, 2021

Prevent Scalds From Bathtub Faucets


Anti-Scald Faucets 

Even a short burst of scalding water can be painful and dangerous, especially for young children.  So plumbing codes in Concord often require new tub and shower faucets that prevent the flow of very hot water.  Some temperature-balancing or anti-scald faucets prevent cold water from being turned off; others have a thermostatic device that reduces hot water flow when it senses the water is too hot. 

An anti-scald valve is usually marked.  Sometimes by rocking the faucet you’ll hear a click that indicates the unit has an anti-scald valve.  In some cases you can replace a standard cartridge that you can find at your local Concord plumbing supply store, in an older valve with an anti-scald cartridge.

Some cartridges can be removed easily with pliers; others require a special cartridge-pulling wrench (usually available at hardware stores or home centers) made for a specific brand of faucet.

Hot water temperature

You may be surprised to know that while the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends setting your water heater at 120 degrees. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) recommends setting your water heater thermostat at 140 degrees under certain circumstances. If you would like to read more about OSHA’s recommendations go to and scroll down the page.