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Blogs from November, 2021

3 Ways To Avoid A Plumbing Emergency In Your Laundry Room


During the summer months, the volume of laundry seems to grow exponentially. Whether it is extra beach towels from trips to the pool or, duffle bags full of dirty clothes after a trip to camp your washing machines definitely get a workout during the summer months.

Keeping your washing machine maintained all year round is crucial to preventing any kind of plumbing failure, but do you know all of the ways you can care for your washing machine?

Follow these simple maintenance steps to make sure that your washing machine does not cause any plumbing emergencies in your home this summer:

  • Each time that you wash a load of laundry after you have removed the clean clothes and placed them in the dryer, take a brief minute to check the washing machine tub for any signs of lint, wrappers, paper, or other items that may have been accidentally washed. Items that were left in pockets and inadvertently washed could cause clogs in your washing machine, making it difficult for the tub to drain, which will lead to a clog and overflow. The best thing to do is to check the pockets of everything you wash, but that is not always possible.
  • Leave the washing machine lid or door open after you have washed a load of laundry – if you are not going to wash another right away. This will allow all of the moisture in the tub to evaporate and clear out, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Not only will mold and mildew in the washing machine cause your laundry area to smell, they will also cause mechanical issues with your washing machine.
  • Check the hoses on your washing machine periodically. On the back of the unit are hoses that connect it to the main plumbing supply of your home. This is how water gets dumped into the tub of your washing machine when you turn it on. If the hoses are bent, cracked, or damaged in any way this might lead to a plumbing failure and could cause some serious water damage to your home.

With the kids home from school on summer break for a bit longer, and still plenty of sunny days left this season, your washing machine is bound to continue to take a beating. Follow these tips for maintenance to make sure it can take it!