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Blogs from November, 2021

Thanksgiving Day Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips


Waste buildup in the drain chamber beneath the impeller disc can lead to a slow-draining disposer. As a homeowner, according to the expert plumbing of Concord technicians, it will be necessary to remove the discharge elbow from the garbage disposer body by withdrawing one or two screws or bolts.

These may require a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench. Clear debris from the discharge elbow then shine a light into the rain chamber. Reach into the drain chamber with needlenose pliers to remove any fibrous buildup. (Pumpkin guts can be an instant killer to your garbage disposal and it will clog your kitchen drains).

Plumbing Pro Tips to Share

Tip #1 Press the reset button located on the base of the disposer and switch the appliance on. If the motor hums but cannot move, the grinders are clogged and need to be cleared.

Tip #2 Unplug the garbage disposer. Look for a wrench with a hex shaped head that came with the disposer. Stick this in a fitting in the base of the disposer. This manipulates the metal plate that holds the impellers.

Tip #3 Typically, some hard or fibrous object is binding an impeller to the grinding ring. Rock the plate back and forth with the wrench to unbind the impeller. You can also attempt to rotate the plate from above by pushing against an impeller with a broom handle.

Tip #4 Look for and remove any material that’s keeping the metal plate from rotating. Make sure the disposer is unplugged and then shine a light into the disposer and look for hard or fibrous debris between the impellers and the grinding ring. Use needlenose pliers to pull debris free.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS: If your waste water takes a wrong turn on the way to the sewer, it may be time to re-seat, or replace, your sink strainer.